Renovation of a pairhouse apartment situated in Puu-Käpylä, a protection marked area of a 1920’s garden town of wooden 1-2 story houses. Applying a modern layout, using only natural materials, respecting the original building techniques. Floors of oiled birch board, clay based paints, vintage Vola taps. 
Built: 2018-19
Carpentry, oil treated birch: P. Koivikko
Interior planning, colour scheme and materials: H. Seppälä
Head planning and architecture: R. Sirén, A. van Tulder
Other collaborators: A. Westerlund (structural engineer), Emmahus Ltd (main contractor), Eskon Ltd (ventilation and chimney installations), Suomen Luonnonmaalit Ltd (natural paints and accessories), Kerava prison workers association (wood burning sauna stove)
Photos: J. Puikkonen

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